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Brazilian project for digital commerce and web3 application development.

One Tech

2021-09-07 1 min read

Brazilian project for digital commerce and web3 application development.

ONEX is a Brazilian token for commercial exchanges with a low transactional cost, in addition to being the main token of the ONE TECH ecosystem that seeks to enable the tokenization of projects involving e-commerce, development of sustainable technologies, Web3 applications, customized products for cryptoinvestors and services specialized.

One Tech e-commerce platform is a digital service for the acquisition of goods and services, the products offered on the website have updated and ecologically sustainable technologies with low energy consumption, we also have services such as project tokenization, marketing production for partner networks, such as banner cards...consultancy on services related to the Defi market, as well as customized products for cryptoinvestors.

Tokenization is the decentralized process that enables self-financing by offering tokens as project assets, we offer this service based on ONEX technology that allows tokenization at a low initial cost, for more information, contact us via email

You can purchase ONEX in the main Defi protocols of the BSC network, such as DexGuru, Pancakeswap and 1Inch or by purchasing directly from our e-commerce

# Name: ONE TECH
# Symbol: ONEX
# Contract Address: 0x261633eb63cfd72df9bb4f5865fff49a8420bfc0
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# YouTube: ONE TECH

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